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We support the following sites and groups/people: please check them out, and visit often!

MANAA - Media Action Network for Asian Americans

RECOMMENDED. Dedicated to monitoring the media and advocating balanced, sensitive, and positive coverage and portrayals of Asian Americans.


RECOMMENDED. Advocating just and equal opportunity in film and television.

The Slanted Screen, a Film by Jeff Adachi

RECOMMENDED. 'The Slanted Screen' envisions a new, exciting future in the entertainment industry, where the diversity of our culture and society is fully recognized and represented.

Racialicious - the Intersection of Race and Pop Culture

RECOMMENDED. The Holy Grail of all things race-related. By Carmen Van Kerckhove, president of New Demographic.

Angry Asian Man

RECOMMENDED. Stay angry, my friend. Stay angry.

Alpha Asians

RECOMMENDED. An underground think-tank for Asian-American men.

Channel APA

RECOMMENDED. Broadcasting Asian America.

Destroy & Rebuild

RECOMMENDED. Re-writing the script for Asian-American males.

Single Asian Male

RECOMMENDED. Undiluted bile and sarcasm from the bottom of their naseous stomachs. AMR endorses SAM because we don't believe in the censorship Asian male self-expression in the name of good first impressions - all the voices of Asian American men must be heard.

AA Theory

RECOMMENDED. From their website: Asian Americans have never been seen as a driving force in entertainment and have long been the underdog in mainstream visibility. But it seems times are finally changing. With the popularity of the Internet, Asian American talents have a platform on which to prove again and again that they have what it takes to compete with the big boys in the entertainment industry.

It’s our time to shine folks, so clear that kung-fu fighting, math battling, ching-chong speaking, small-eyed nerd out of your head and whip out of a clean slate, because we’re about to bring you the best Asian American talent in the U.S. of A.

New America Media

Dedicated to bringing the voices of the marginalized - ethnic minorities, immigrants, young people, elderly - into the national discourse.

Rice Daddies

For our sons. For our daughters. For our future. By Asian-American fathers.

Asian American Princess

Showing solidarity with Asian-American women, handbags and all.

Drama Beans: Deconstructing K-Dramas & K-Pop Culture

We enjoy the intellectual angle (and the occasional social commentary) the owner of DramaBeans takes toward Korean pop culture. This is a refreshing change from the vacuous obsession with plastic surgery, looks (over talent), 'idol' groups/girl bands that seems to be the de rigueur trend amongst Korean pop culture fans.

From Monument to Masses

Our influences are typically literary or visual - but these guys have influenced us sonically. Amazing experimental post-rock.