ii. the asian man
and asian woman

a couple under siege: the asian man and woman

As explained in section IV of Remember, the Asian-American Man and Woman are a couple under siege from mainstream America.

Those that choose to remain with each other are stamped as 'Asian and foreign', while on an unspoken but quite apparent level - only Asian women are afforded the opportunity to mingle and integrate into white social circles and white families.

The psychological pressure on the Asian woman to conform becomes immensely powerful, given the life-long indoctrination she is given by a mainstream American media that is completely devoid of images of Asian faces and depictions of viable Asian-American couples/families. This will gradually and inevitably destroy the kindred bond the Asian female shares with the Asian male from a young age, and the damage is thorough and complete.

In other words, the internalized racism that Asian-American children learn from the American Media destroys their ethnic self-esteem - and this in turn erodes the ability of the Asian-American boy and girl to love each other as adults.

It is therefore imperative that the connection between the Asian-American man and woman endures in spite of all these pathologies, if Asian-Americans are to survive and thrive as a viable ethnic community.

In response to this invisible-yet-potent persecution the Asian-American couple, this section will examine and celebrate the Asian-American man and woman, and also speculate on their future.

Some (understandably) upset and disappointed Asian men might choose to pass over the Asian-American woman entirely and as a matter of course, but that would be a mistake.

We must remember that in spite of all the internalized racism and growing pains between the Asian man and Asian women, only the Asian-American man and woman have that special and instant bond - a bond in which the couple shares a common ethnic identity and ethnic experiences that require no mutual explanation.

And of course, who else could provide Asian men with the most adorable Asian babies with black hair, coal-black eyes and a button nose? This goes both ways of course - only the Asian man can provide the Asian woman with Asian babies - the seeds of our Asian-American community.