about asian male revolutions

love. passion. revolution.

Inspired by popular acts of love and passion throughout human history, Asian Male Revolutions was created to stand as a bulwark against an overwhelming tide of misinformation, greed, and hypocrisy from both the American media and a society that seems intent on only seeing the world through a 'black-and-white' lens.

Through a chain of logical arguments, AMR will build a text-visual mosaic to expose a covert network of individuals, groups, and forces that conspire to possess and absorb the Asian-American female and at the same time, systematically marginalize and eradicate the Asian-American man from the cultural, social, and sexual landscape of America - all while masquerading behind a veil of 'colorblindness' and 'multiculturalism'.

a revolution is coming - a
revolution which will be
peaceful if we are wise enough,
compassionate if we care
enough, successful if we are
fortunate enough - but a
revolution which is coming
whether we will it or not.
we can affect its character
but we cannot alter its

- Robert F. Kennedy

the need for a new (asian) american (male) revolution

The principal reason we started AMR was to address the social and political needs of an acutely under-serviced segment of the American population: the Asian-American Man.

But to understand this need, it is necessary to compare the treatment of the Asian-American Man by the American public to its treatment of the Asian American Woman.

There is very strong evidence of a society-wide bias toward Asian-American women all over the American cultural landscape: the overwhelming majority of public and media discussion about Asian-Americans revolves around the needs of the Asian-American woman, and simultaneously neglects those of the Asian-American man by outright exclusion.

This appears to be true across all mediums from television, motion pictures and radio, to print: the second chapter of AMR entitled, 'Remember' (click link) will provide further insight into this phenomenon.

There is further evidence of this bias within patterns of socialization in everyday American life: many Americans make a point of embracing Asian-American women as a central and indispensable part of the multiracial fabric of America, along with the African-American man.

It is therefore plainly obvious when the Asian-American Man is bypassed in this artificially-constructed picture of interracial love and harmony - and is treated as though he does not exist.

It should be noted here that as a society and nation that is heavily dependent on its Media for information, entertainment, and even its sense of cultural identity - Americans almost can't help but subliminally take this hypocritical cue from the Media and apply it to their real, everyday lives.

Unsurprisingly, public awareness of this systematic exclusion of the Asian-American man is very low - only the Asian-American woman is visible in the public/private lives of many Americans, standing virtually institutionalized as a figurehead for 'multiculturalism' along with the black male.

a failure/a new direction

We believe that the primary reason for this void in awareness (and the oudated, 'binary' black-white thinking in racial discourses) is a colossal failure by the American Media to treat Asian-American men as equals to white and black men.

That they systematically ignore Asian-American men while trumpeting the equality of black and white men as a major social achievement smacks of blatant and absurd hypocrisy.

And finally by harnessing the power of the Internet - the last democratic medium left in a world increasingly controlled by corporations and their advertising & media henchmen - we hope that AMR will stand simultaneously as a monument, a symbol, and a rallying point for the Asian-American Man and his friends of all races, nationalities, religion, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, and gender.

here in america we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels - men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. as their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.

- Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th President of the United States, 1953-1961)

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