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you can help.

To revolt is to personally rise up against tyranny and oppression.

While we may feel an impulse to stand up against injustice, the practical realities of living in a modern world often make that a burdensome proposition. And so we sit back down, resigned to the weight of our real-life (read: everyday) responsibilities. We have jobs, busy social lives and loved ones that need our time and attention.

Nevertheless, those problems that worried us to begin with will remain in place unless something is done to combat them.

And that's where we come in.

Support us. Let us fight for you.

Our goal is to use the principles of mass communications and media to shift public opinion about Asian men. When this motion is set forward, we believe that this new public opinion of Asian men can then solidify or become 'institutionalized' into a national creed.

With your help and generosity, we aim to spread this message about Asian men as far and wide as possible, so that it permeates through every layer of American society.

So remember that when you support us with donations, you aren't just helping us: you're also helping yourselves.

will my donation be

Absolutely! It just wouldn't be right, otherwise. We will feature your name, your city/country, your photograph (optional) on our acknowledgments page. You will of course, walk away with the extra satisfaction of knowing that you did your part in a worthy cause that directly affects you.

should you donate?

Before you decide whether to donate, stop and think for a moment.

Remember that you have a personal stake in the matter - this is especially true if you're an Asian-American man, or if you love a man that is Asian-American, or if you have a son who will grow up to be an Asian man in America.

This is about fighting to have ourselves represented in a fair way - it is about bringing our humanity back in our eyes and in the eyes of America.

This is also about your families, the future of your your Asian-American sons and daughters, and all subsequent generations of Asian-Americans.

where does the money go?

Any contribution to the cause will of course benefit you and the community, as we have explained above.

Accrued funds and generous donations will be used in various ways:


Purchasing creative materials & licenses to enhance and upgrade the website and all its components to ensure the effective dissemination of our message to the public.

Launching regimented and participatory inquisitions into the business dealings of Chief Executive Officers/Marketing Directors of American corporations and chief advertising executives, who continue to ignore the problem of misrepresentation of Asian men and Asian-Americans.


Maintaining & upgrading forum software, purchasing/expanding bandwidth, updating web security features.

Don't forget to donate and fight with your dollars!
Just 0.1% of your income makes a huge difference.