The list of people to thank will be concise to begin with, but it is sure to grow longer as times goes on.

top contributors

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the following individuals.

1. L. Thomas, of Los Angeles, CA

Donation amount: USD 500.00

2. J. Le, of Westminster, CA

Donation amount: USD 150.00

3. (This individual wishes to remain anonymous.)

Donation amount: USD 250.00

4. E. Kim, of Boston, MA

Donation amount: USD 500.00

5. S. Olson, of Omaha, NE

Donation amount: USD 100.00

6. R. Chen, of Seattle, WA

Donation amount: USD 200.00

7. B. Han, of Palisades Park, NJ

Donation amount: USD 50.00

8. D. Park, of Chicago, IL

Donation amount: USD 100.00

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a special thank you

Kamilla F.

My eternal gratitude and friendship goes to the Creative Director of Asian Male Revolutions, Kamilla, without whom this project would have been impossible.

I will always be thankful for her sense of humor, immense patience, and tireless dedication to our common goal, and remember the endless hours we spent critiquing and correcting each other's work to develop the best possible product.

Our Story & The Beginnings of AMR

What started out a few years ago as late-night online musings about the personal problems in our lives eventually transformed into heated discussions about society, culture, identity, and race.

After months of listening to each other vent about these various topics, it occurred to us: why not do something about it?

Didn't we have the power, even as average, "normal" people, to affect change?

Why not make the time we 'waste' online actually worthwhile?

Could we possibly do some good, by reaching out to people with our ideas?

We were crazy enough to believe that it was all possible.

But a daunting question still loomed over our heads: what could we possibly do, as just two people in different cities and in different countries? After all, Kamilla was in Vancouver, and I was in Los Angeles.

All we had were 1000 miles between us, and a common set of ideas and beliefs.

So in the meantime we quietly held onto that question and continued to live our off-line lives, the promise of something special on the tip of our tongues but not yet forming into words or concrete ideas.

And then one day, it hit us.

Although I wasn't a professional writer, I still happened to have the gift of gab, the ability to write. And she had the innate aesthetics and training of a designer.

So it was decided: with that, we were going to marry the two skills we possessed to sculpt a message, and to reach out to people with that message.

Finally, this was it! The catalyst for our creative partnership!

Now in a twist of beautiful irony, the very thing that started out as a personal outlet for both of us would serve as the medium by which we would connect to the World - to people who feel the same way as we do, and also to those with different ideas and opinions.

The Internet would help bring us together - not as a common distraction from the important things in our lives, but as a source of inspiration, hope, and spiritual connection in a common struggle.

Jake Y.

Founder, Asian Male Revolutions
November 2009

A reminder: Don't forget to donate and fight with your dollars!
Just 0.1% of your income makes a huge difference.