ii. fashion, grooming & style

image matters. oh, yes it does.

This section of evolve is the second part of a series dedicated to helping Asian-American men help themselves.

dear nerds, here's why you should
get a new wardrobe

Many Asian men happen to fall into that classic archetype of the 'Nerd' - a whole generation of men whose parents pushed academic achievement on to them will do that.

If you happen to be the cerebral type or the so-called nerd - you are what you are and there's no need to be untrue to yourself.

But one has to understand that the negative social stigma pegged to the Nerd is only his reputation for having poor social skills. And your outer appearance (whether fairly or not) is seen as a prime indicator of said social skills.

There are few real negatives to being highly intelligent - it gets you a better job in the end, and opens up many doors. But an Asian-American guy needs to take care not to express or signify this intelligence in a socially undesirable way - i.e. with poor personal style and grooming.

So we must remember that it is absolutely possible to be a nerd inside and still convey the outer 'signifiers' (your appearance) that display high social value to a woman.

In other words, it's better to be a stylish geek or nerd than one with no fashion sense at all. There is such a thing as a 'cute' or 'sexy geek' in many women's eyes.

Take it a step further and combine your wardrobe update with a fitness regimen - and you can become a 'nerd' that is sexually desirable to women.

There are many different fashion subcultures (and complementary lifestyles which often go hand-in-hand with those fashions), and each one appeals to a different set of women. These pictures are by no means intended to be the definitive fashion guide for Asian-American men. Each Asian guy should choose the fashion subculture that speaks and appeals to him, and try to develop his sense of style along those lines.

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