iv. the consequences
of ideological corruption

the media is the most powerful
entity on earth. they have the
power to make the innocent
guilty and to make the guilty
innocent, and that is power,
because they control the
minds of the masses.

- Malcolm X

Whether people really believe in multiculturalism or hide behind the concept to confirm their own prejudices is unclear.

But much of this 'multiculturalist doctrine' revolves around an audited moral framework, in which people try to satisfy their racialized sexual fantasies, then justify their choices by selling themselves as part of this mosaic of 'colorblindness' and diversity.

That the general public believes whole-heartedly in this deception demonstrates what a believable (pseudo) moral niche the Media has carved for itself in convincing the population of its legitimacy.

the asian-american woman

In this section we will analyze the social dynamics between the Asian-American man and woman, and the white man. That these dynamics are both the cause and direct result of the mainstream media's policies of making Asian women 'mainstream' (as a foil against the white man) while excluding Asian men should be noted.

The Asian Woman's life in America is fraught with psychological traps and fateful choices: does she accept the conditional and sexual acceptance of white men and all the social privilege and power their endorsement entails?

This also begs the following question: to what end do some of them intend to use this white privilege-by-proxy - this loaded gun that was put in their collective hands by white men in power?

For some Asian women this choice is an active and conscious one rooted in self-loathing instilled in them from a young age, while some others are simply caught up in the rush of white male acceptance in a society where the status of Asian-Americans are marginal and impotent.

In other words by romantically attaching herself to a white man, she raises her 'social capital', or her ability to socially align herself in an upward trajectory.

the history behind the asian woman's interracial
relationship with the white man

Like all interracial relationships, the public's knee-jerk reaction is to celebrate the Asian female-White male relationship as a model example of "colorblind love".

But this convenient white-washing of facts not account for the neo-colonial dynamic of the "AF/WM" relationship, which is a byproduct of the Post-World War II Era that was marked by American wars with several Asian nations.

The ultimate victory and political/economic ascendancy of the United States following World War II created a global world order where the White Man occupies the top of an unspoken racial hierarchy.

This racialized hierarchy has been kept in place for close to three generations by a Eurocentric media spearheaded by the multi-billion dollar Hollywood entertainment industry, which possesses a fearsome global reach.

This monolith expends billions of U.S. dollars in marketing and advertising to ensure that all global citizens are under its influence, and since the majority of images flowing from the movie reels are of Caucasians, it inevitably (and subliminally) implants the notion of white (male) supremacy in the minds of people all over America, and all over the world.

the paradox of the asian woman's interracial
relationship with the white man

Given this history, does this love between the white man and the Asian woman take on a symbolically racist color, when racial minorities (and especially women) are subconsciously attracted to 'whiteness' and the unspoken social privilege it represents?

Is the perceived social privilege that comes from being with a white male even real, or does she only perpetuate white male patriarchy in a system where women are not independent entities, but a function of the incumbent white male power structure?

And does the Asian woman attain 'freedom' from Asian male oppression in the arms of the white man, or is she merely swapping one shackle of male oppression for another, while assuming yet another undignified role as a 'racial opportunist'?

The answers are rarely clear-cut and there are always elements of both sides to the real story - but these considerations cannot be simply tossed aside.

two "realities", both as real as ever

the test of a first-rate
intelligence is the ability to
hold two opposed ideas in
the mind at the same time,
and still retain the ability
to function.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra)

For most Asian women in interracial relationships with white men, the symbolic duality that is inherent in an interracial pairing involving a minority woman and a white male (that is, a male belonging to the incumbent male power structure) is lost on them.

This is understandable, since from their very personal (and intimate) everyday point of view the person standing across from them represents nothing but the most gentle, noble, kind, and innocuous things to them.

In other words: the white man she sees standing across from her is a caring mate, a doting father, and a responsible husband in her eyes - just as is she the same thing to the white man standing across from her.

This obviously does not jive with the alternate image of white men and Asian women manouvering through racial/social/economic loopholes and grey areas to their sexual and social advantage, and that is the issue of contention for Asian women and white men who feel as though their love is being attacked by others.

But what else can this be, except a case of individuals confirming their own (positive) biases through their 'confirmation bias' (click to see definition)?

People will always choose to see what they want to see.

a new, nuanced look at 'colorblind love'

We want to make it perfectly clear that we do not question the sincerity of the love between a white man and an Asian woman, on a personal level.

People are the same everywhere once you strip away all the inequalities of power between the races, and they form attachments based on shared personal values and shared experiences.

However, it is still clear from this analysis that crossing color and racial lines to acquire a social or sexual advantage does not carry any deep meaning or moral/social significance - and the union of the Asian woman and white man is no exception.

In a sense, it is a union of convenience - similar to women who marry for status or financial reasons - the only difference being that due to the social inequities between white men and men of color, 'whiteness' has come to take on an arbitrary and artificial value to women seeking a man that can provide for them and give them social status.

Thus - given all the dynamics of racial exploitation and opportunism that is inherent within AF/WM relationships (to varying degrees), we call to question the automatic celebration of that interracial pairing as a central part of a "colorblind" American social fabric.

That would a patently false assertion, for it is a love that is based in seeing color.

the beginning of an anti-af/wm fascist movement?
we think not.

Even with all the revelations above, we still believe in the right of every person to choose their own path in life - to believe otherwise would be fascist and un-American.

We are prepared to accept AF/WM as normal, everyday couples - just like everyone else - but not as symbolic figureheads of "multiculturalism" or "colorblind love".

It is plainly clear that this is not the case with Asian women and white men, particularly if seen in the context of the social suppression of Asian men in the media and in real life, and the simultaneous endorsement of the Asian woman-white man couple in the media and in real life.

There is no justification for tolerating white males who see Asian women as (racialized) sexual conquests or commodities, or Asian women who are emboldened by the conditional acceptance of white men and use that perceived social leverage to attack and disparage Asian men.

We've all met those types: those Asian women who take every opportunity to compare Asian men unfavorably to white men, and white men who gloat about their sexual conquests of Asian women.

They should understand that their days are numbered, and that as closet racists, they deserve to be exposed for who and what they are.

Asian-American men are on the right side of justice, decency and even history as we enter the "Pacific Century" where Asia takes the center stage in economics, politics, and culture.

Perhaps one day, when all the social inequalities and the imbalance in power between white men and men of color are eradicated, Asian women and white men may have the the luxury and privilege of seeing themselves as truly colorblind people, and telling other people so.

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