the amr viewing guide

Asian Male Revolutions seeks to create a composite snapshot of the social issues that Asian-American men face in contemporary American society, and how those issues are connected to the broader American way of life.

In doing so we hope to open the minds of individuals to a different perspective on "multiculturalism", and perhaps also help them understand of how the abstract concept of 'race' affects people in everyday life.

However this 'snapshot' is in fact an very complex web of inter-connected components.

We have built our site to accurately address and encompass the complexity of these issues, and the inevitable result was a website that is quite expansive in scope, and can be confusing to those who aren't familiar with Asian men and the Asian-American community.

In order to address this we present the AMR Viewing Guide to help you, the reader, properly navigate (and ultimately understand and appreciate) our website and its message.

In this brief overview we will help the viewer navigate this website by helping them understand the its organization and structure. is divided into the following principal sections, named to mirror the average Asian-American man's perspective, experiences, and arc of personal development.


An introduction to the website and its goals, team members, contributors. This section includes an FAQ section, contact information, a further reading page, and acknowledgments.


This section is a monument to our past. The point of course is not to dwell on it, but to etch it in stone so that it can never be forgotten. Forgiveness can certainly be granted - but the past must never be forgotten or swept under the rug in case people or society fails to progress, or even regresses down the line.

In short, Remember is designed to keep people honest, and to mop up any pockets of covert racism lurking beneath the surface of a squeaky-clean, "lobotomized" American society that chirps about superficial "colorblindness" and "diversity", while continuing to harbor subconscious biases.


This is a blueprint for the re-birth of the Asian-American man.
(To be expanded at a later date.)


Evolve is the most critical component of AMR that will, in time, help bring about a larger change for America and for Asian-American men. It is an avenue for 'organic' growth and change.

The simple fact is that in the face of an indifferent and sometimes unsympathetic majority, Asian-American men cannot just rely on others for help. He must help himself, and Evolve will be his aid to personal growth and self-determination.


This is the starting point of the larger Revolution that will, should things go according to plan, move off-line and into the real world.

Those in opposition of hypocrisy and covert racism will network, then execute an incisive, proactive, yet peaceful plan of action to dismantle the current system and status quo, then rebuild it in a truly inclusive vision of harmony and diversity.

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