influences & further reading

the following are individuals, theories, schools of
thought and organizations that have influenced our
ideas regarding topics including, but not limited to

- Colonialism & Post-Colonialism
- Internalized Racism, including its mechanisms
- Social Organization
- Media, Advertising, & Propaganda
- Advanced Capitalism & Mass Consumerism
- The Politics of Sex and Race

All but the tiniest minority of ideas throughout Mankind's history have been completely original, and like the rest of humanity we take inspiration from others to create new ideas.

Our hats go off to the following people and organizations for their ideas and bodies of work, which gave us the inspiration for this project.

Noam Chomsky

Adam Smith

Guy Debord

Herbert Marcuse

Edward Bernays

Adam Curtis

Stuart Hall, Professor Emeritus of Cultural Studies,
Open University (United Kingdom)

Aleksandar Maćašev

Kumiko Nemoto, Assistant Professor of Sociology,
Western Kentucky University

Robin Dunbar

Malcolm Gladwell

Albert Memmi

Martin Niemöller

die Weiße Rose (The White Rose Movement, Munich, Germany, 1942-1943)

Media Awareness Network

'Confirmation Bias' (Phenomenon)

America's Reconstruction, University of Houston

Abraham Lincoln & The Gettysburg Address

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