revolt: an intro

In the past 20 years of this purported post-racial, 'colorblind' era, Asian-American men have taken a drubbing at the hands of certain people that sought to take away their dignity as men.

What's more, they have taken a perverted delight in lobbing those attacks at Asian men while hiding behind a false front of "diversity" and "multiculturalism".

But those people are living on borrowed time, and they know that there is no safety in their hubris.

What we are confronting now is the realization that we have been sitting on a giant pile of tinder all along. The most unsettling and nagging fear for those who cut Asian men down is the knowledge that it only takes the right spark to start a chain-reaction of Change.

Their fear is thus our liberation, and now that that knowledge is in our hands, we are making their worst fears come alive.

That combustible pile of 'tinder' is the word of mouth, and the 'spark' will be initial telling of the truth about Asian men.

When this reaction is triggered, very little will happen at first. This is because of the inertia that needs to be overcome.

And then: a small but intense spark will pop into existence, alone in the darkness.

Then, just like splitting atoms, the spark will split into two, then those will split again... then again, and again, at an ever increasing pace - an exponential chain reaction on the tips of tongues all around the world.

And once a critical mass is reached, the final detonation will occur. This will begin once enough people join the revolution, and start a runaway reaction that cannot be stopped.

Revolt is dedicated to achieving that critical mass via peaceful but passionate means - and with this, we intend to start a people's movement toward equality and justice for the Asian-American Man.

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