amr: redux

You want straight talk? You got it.

We realize that many people don't have neither the time or the patience to sift through pages of literature and information to come to a higher understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Hey, we get it. There are other things you can do with your time. And sometimes you're just too goddamn tired or busy to care, and other times you flat-out can't be bothered.

Why wrack your brains over something as troublesome as race when a cold beer and HBO awaits you after a long day at work/school? Isn't it just easier to pretend that the world is perfect and colorblind?

Blending how things are with how things should be and calling it 'reality' just makes things so much easier. We all use selective memory/perceptions to rationalize things.

amr 'redux'

We have created Redux for you as a response to the habitual and circumstantial laziness of people.

We've done all the dirty work, and we've used the bare bones of what is necessary to convey the message to the general public, and to people who may be indifferent to the issues Asian-American men face.

Pass on this URL to anyone you know, and with a bit of good timing and some luck, they just might bother to check it out. And if all goes well, they just might passively educate themselves somewhat, instead of continuing to believe all the white-washing tripe out there.

Redux is essentially a distillation of all the information on this site, and we present it to you in a no-frills, no-BS style. It should read just like a raucous conversation over a beer... or ten.

Just imagine: learning without even really thinking! Passing on this link will be your gift to society.

So is intellectual osmosis really possible? We'll have to spread this message to find out.

Coming in 2012:


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