"I am the master of my fate/I am the captain of my soul."

- Invictus, William Ernest Henley

Evolve is dedicated to the evolution of the Asian Man.

To remain in stasis is to die: in order to survive we must adapt, and we must change.

We must evolve.

In Remember, we have created a monument and a documentation of the ingrained prejudice and contempt that Western society, but particularly the United States, has for men of Asian descent.

We will let that stand as proof-positive that the ever-popular 'multicultural ideal' is a sham.

However in order to make real and tangible change happen, the greatest burden is on Asian-American men themselves.

With Evolve, we want to bring the focus back around to positivity and a 'can-do' optimism, which we believe is our true message.

Asian men are sometimes accused of excessive negativity and inaction, and unfortunately, those accusations do have some merit.

We cannot complain about being treated like sexless eunuchs for example, if few of us bother to cultivate and maintain a healthy body that suggests masculine vitality. Nor can we blame society or women for not seeing us as viable mates, when many of us do not have the courage to approach one.

“The fault lies not in the stars, but in us.” - Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare.

the key to our revolution: personal accountability

That societal prejudice, hypocrisy, and bigotry conspire to keep the Asian-American man reigned in is absolutely, 100 percent irrefutable. We are with you on that, rock-steady.

But it is also the responsibility of every Asian Man to hold himself accountable for failures that result from his own choices, actions, and shortcomings.

It is not our fault that we cannot live up to a masculine ideal that is constructed in the image of the White Man: to be socially penalized for that is a patently racist expectation. We thus reject that white ideal of what a 'real' man should be. We will define that on our terms, and we shall never apologize for doing that.

But what about personal failures that result from a lack of focus, effort, intuition, initiative, and drive? Those are no ones' faults but ours - and for as long as those failures aren't rooted in the prejudice and bigotry from others, we cannot blame anyone else but ourselves.

We cannot expect others to hold our hand or give us freebies: remember that we are men. We take our knocks, and either perish or survive to rule another day. So let's ante up, and remember that you have a responsibility to yourself to build an amazing life, and also remember that when you help yourselves, you also help all Asian men.

So step forward, and look in the mirror. Take credit where credit is due, and take responsibility for where you are in life - then move forward from there: embrace who you are, and embrace change.

Let's Evolve.

be the change you want to see
in this world.

- Mohandas Karamchand "Mahatma" Gandhi

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